About scaleup Office

Scaleup Office is an ideal place for everyone looking for a positive and professional working environment and wants to network. Our modernly equipped offices and spaces, which are flexible and can be adapted to everyone’s needs, are at your disposal if you are looking for a stimulating working atmosphere in a coworking environment.

Our goal is to give each new member space to showcase themselves, to network, to develop. In addition to that, we offer our members a sophisticated service for every meeting and event.

Expand your network, inspire your creativity and improve your performance with us.

Become a part of the scaleup community and just feel good!

Company Values

All in one place!

Everything that is required for an undisturbed and smooth workflow is available for all members in scaleup Office. We offer flexible workplaces, friendly staff, high-quality furniture, a pleasant ambience, and therefore a great working environment overall. We take care of everything so that you can utilise your time and focus on what is important.


We give all our members flexible access to scaleup Office. With FlexDESK, FixDESK or Private Office, we offer flexible workstations and conditions, e.g. monthly, semi-annually or annually memberships. Feel free to talk to us about the design of your next meeting or event, we would be happy to support you.


It is true that global connectivity cannot function without the Internet. With scaleup Office, we also offer a platform where direct contact with people from all parts of the world is possible. In this way, we promote personal meetings and exchange of like-minded people, such as digital nomads, consultants, freelancers, trainers, startups or corporates from a wide variety of industries.

Membership & Service

You don't rent an office from us in the classic way, especially when it comes to costs. Your membership fee includes a lot: from fast internet, printer & scanner, workspace equipped with a table, chair & mobile container, kitchen, cleaning service, all the way to free coffee & tea.

Collaboration & Innovation

The promotion of networking and collaboration between members with the aim of developing new business models and innovations is a major concern for us in scaleup Office. We create platforms for people to come together.

Atmosphere & Comfort

Our aim is that our members simply feel comfortable in scaleup Office. With high-quality, ergonomic furniture and attractive areas and rooms with a chic ambience, we underline our high standards of comfort and atmosphere.

Founding history and corporate vision

Scaleup Office is a modern network platform developed by the founder & CEO of Smart Office Solution Ltd., Ivica Perić.

Ivica makes no secret of his vision for the entire company: "I approached the project with great enthusiasm, with the aim of bringing people and companies of global origin and industries to connect via scaleup Office network platform and get them enthusiastic about my native city of Split. I am firmly convinced that our activities and our newly created scaleup Office will help create new businesses and even initiate innovations. At the same time we want the city of Split and its agglomeration to be better known and connected with other cities and countries."

All members and users can participate in the community via scaleup Office platform in order to make important contacts and thus expand their local and international network. This gives the members the ability to develop and upgrade their business via newly acquired network.

In addition, future activities of scaleup Office will surely positively contribute to the city of Split and its agglomeration. CEO Ivica Perić, who has spent almost his entire life in Germany, sees himself as an ambassador for the city of Split and the entire country of Croatia.

Let's get to know each other

We are a young team in charge off community management for scaleup Office with a lot of motivation and freshness.

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